Cuban Salsa & Dominican Bachata

This Spring, all my lessons will take place at BC Dance Studio (877 Hamilton St between Robson and Smithe in downtown Vancouver), close to Skytrain and Canada Line.

Cuban Salsa

Beginners Cuban Salsa: TUESDAYS at 8:00 pm (90 minutes)
Start date:
APRIL 2nd  
$160 for 8 classes.
Description of the course:
This will be your introduction to the world of Cuban dances and other rhythms from the Spanish Caribbean. You will learn the basic steps and turns, as well as some nice combinations. We’ll also place emphasis on creating a solid foundation both at the theoretical and practical levels. The beginner stage will be your preparation to dance not only Cuban salsa (which, by the way, is known in Cuba as Casino dance), but other rhythms that make up the whole concept of Latin dancing.
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Intermediate Level 2 Cuban Salsa: WEDNESDAYS at 7:00 pm (90 minutes)
Start date: APRIL 3rd at BC Dance Studio
Fee: $160 for 8 classes.
Course description:  This level is simply a continuation of everything we did at Intermediate Level 1. What happens is that, in our evolution as dancers, we tend to remain at intermediate level for a while. Upon finishing this stage, classes typically move onto advanced level. We will be perfecting our technique and style, as well as fine-tuning the art of communication during the dance. More Rueda de Casino moves will be added to our repertoire… the fun goes on.
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Intermediate Level 1 Cuban Salsa: SUNDAYS at 2:30 pm
Start date: MARCH 31st at BC Dance Studio
Fee: $160 for 8 classes.
Course description: The Intermediate level 1 focuses on widening your repertoire of combinations and perfecting the footwork you learned at Beginners’ level. Classes are often taught in Rueda de Casino format (the exciting “circle dance”). This is a very exciting stage in the learning experience, in the sense that you’ll be able to see for yourself how the foundation built at earlier stages now allows you to very visibly progress, week after week.
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Advanced Cuban Casino: THURSDAYS at 8:00 pm
Start date: April 4th at BC Dance Studio
Fee: $160 for 8 classes.
Course description: this is where we start to really take off as dancers. The main goal at this point is that of creating dancers who have a good understanding of the diverse formulas that make up the Cuban Casino dance, as well as their application in a variety of routines. Versatility is the skill we seek to develop. Classes are often taught in circle (Rueda) format, which makes the whole learning experience more dynamic and interactive.
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Advanced Casino (hardcore): MONDAYS at 8:00 pm
Start date: APRIL 1st at BC Dance Studio
Fee: $160 for 8 classes.
Course description: This is for the addicts. Let’s take your skills to a new level of finesse and expertise. Dancing is all about connection and communication. That requires good leading, good following, and knowing very well where to step. The better you understand the dance, the more you’ll be able to enjoy it, as doing the figures becomes more and more effortless. This is the good thing about being at advanced level. Great emphasis will also be placed in elegance and cleanliness when executing your steps and figures.
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Dominican Bachata

Authentic Dominican Style: SUNDAYS at 4:00 pm
Start date: March 31st
Fee: $160 for 8 classes

Course description: The real Bachata as it was conceived in the Dominican Republic (land of Merengue as well) is a truly beautiful dance that showcases elaborate and intricate footwork. It’s a playful interaction between dancers, highlighting the aesthetic beauty of the footwork and its connection to the music. Come immerse yourself in this course that comes fully loaded with learning material and a practice component. You’ll learn about the steps, the music, the artists, the history…everything!
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