theCuban Dance ImmersionWorkshop SeriesFeaturing International Instructors

Welcome to the CUBAN DANCE IMMERSION workshops series, set to take place throughout all of 2019. The last weekend of every month, a carefully chosen international Cuban dance instructor will come to Vancouver to share with us their talent and expertise. The main goals of these workshops are:

  • to enrich our knowledge of Cuban dance manifestations
  • to allow our community direct access to instructors who possess profound expertise on manifestations such as Afro-Cuban dances (for example, Rumba, Orishas, Palo Congo, Arará, Afro-Cuban-Haitian, etc), Casino, Son, and others.
  • to keep the community growing through education while attracting more people to Cuban culture
  • and finally, to continue having even more fun!

Every weekend of workshops will be complemented with a Saturday evening CUBANIZATION social dance party that the guest instructor will attend to do a performance and socialize with all of us. A formidable lineup of artists has been assembled, and we’re happy to announce that the first ones to visit Vancouver will be Kati Hernandez, Reinier Valdes & La Clave Cubana, Liethis Hechavarria and Wilfredo Guilbiac.

Jan 26/27 Kati Hernandez
Feb 23/24 La Clave Cubana
Mar 30/31 Liethis Hechavarria
Apr 27/28 Wilfredo Guilbiac


APRIL 27th & 28th

Cuban Casino, Rueda & Rumba

Welcome to an exciting weekend of workshops with Wilfredo Guilbiac who is teaching for the first time in Vancouver as part of the Cuban Dance Immersion Series. Mark your calendars for workshops on April 27th & 28th. Also, make sure you attend the Saturday night CUBANIZATION dance party (April 27th) where Wilfredo will perform.

Wilfredo Guilbiac Rodriguez was born in Havana, Cuba. Entering the world of dance at the age of 8, he decided to follow the family tradition, as his siblings are all recognized professional dancers and musicians from Havana. Wilfredo had the opportunity to attend the school of arts in Havana. Evolving into a solo dancer and professional choreographer, he specialized in all the popular and traditional styles of Cuba which include mambo, cha cha cha, son, danzon, Afro-Cuban, and modern dance among others.

He was selected to be a part of some of Cuba’s most prestigious dance companies. He has also represented Cuba internationally. Currently, he resides in San Diego,
California, where he offers dance classes at various levels. He participates in the most recognized dance festivals throughout the country as well as internationally, teaching workshops and performing. His mission is to spread the Cuban culture to all the corners of the world with the cadence and idiosyncrasy which so uniquely characterizes his people.


This workshop consists of 3 parts: 1) working on freestyle routines, also known as sueltas; 2) partner-dancing routines that combine both, Casino figures and freestyling with your partner; 3) Rueda de Casino. All three components will help you become a better dancer as you will explore the world of Casino in a variety of settings. This will be a super fun workshop!
Requirement: partner required. Tickets will be sold in pairs, so make sure you indicate who your partner will be. This policy is put in place to avoid having an imbalanced class.
Workshop details:
Location: BC Dance Studio 877 Hamilton St (downtown Vancouver)
Time: 12 noon to 3 pm
Tickets: $90 per couple
University student discount available. Bring proof of current enrolment.


With Wilfredo we are going to explore a new dimension of Rumba as we will venture into the world of Rumba Columbia, characterized by fancy footwork, the incorporation of other Afro-Cuban dances and individual expression. This workshop constitutes a rare opportunity to learn in this city one of Cuba’s most beautiful and complex dances. Wilfredo will break down the code for us and we’ll be able to build upon previously learned Rumba steps.

Workshop details:
Location: BC Dance Studio 877 Hamilton St (downtown Vancouver)
Time: 11:30 am to 2:30 pm
Tickets: $45

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