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Are you rusty? I'm here to help! We need to dance, folks. Now, more than ever before.


I have created a space where we can safely reconnect with our rhythmic selves and regain our joie de vivre with the best activity there is: Cuban Salsa. 

Read below to find out why dancing Cuban Salsa will be the BEST decision you'll make this Fall.


Wednesday, January 26th

Covid-19 provincial health mandates will be in place.

What you'll Gain from Learning Cuban Salsa with Julio

Mind and Body Healthiness

Dance moves!

Community and Connection

Let's be honest, Covid 19 has taken a mental toll on all of us. No activity can heal that faster than social dancing. I will create a space where you'll be able to connect with people from your community and even make new friends, all while having a blast dancing.

Cuban Salsa is easy and accessible to everyone. I teach the original, traditional style where we execute beautiful, graceful dance figures that won't require neither acrobatics nor crazy spinnings. You'll acquire dance skills that will be useful forever. Even if you've already learnt other Salsa styles, I encourage you to try the Cuban way and discover its charm.

Cuban Salsa itself has a unique trait that allows it to be danced collectively. You heard it. As you progress through the series of lessons I'll be teaching, you will discover how this social dance is a genius tool for community building. Also, as we learn our repertoire of moves, rest assured we'll be organizing dance parties to practice all that! 



Start dateWednesday January 26th, 6:30 to 8:00 pm.

Location: U.O.C. (Ukrainian Orthodox Centre) 154 East 10th Ave. Close to Broadway and Main St.

Course fee: $160 for 6 classes, GST included. 

Registration: Please, email me at info@vancuba.com  so that I can reserve your spot and send you payment instructions.

Description: this is a course for absolute beginners, but it's also for people who have danced other Salsa styles before. This will be your introduction to the world of Cuban dances and other rhythms from the Spanish Caribbean. You will learn the basic steps and turns, as well as some nice combinations. We’ll also place emphasis on creating a solid foundation both at the theoretical and practical levels.

The beginner stage will be your preparation to dance not only Cuban salsa (which, by the way, is known in Cuba as Casino dance), but other rhythms that make up the whole concept of Latin dancing. By the end of the program, you will be able to hit the dance floor.

Important: covid-19 safety protocols will be in place according to provincial government health mandates and recommendations. Proof of vaccination will be requested in order to register in a course.


A Bit About Me

I was born into a family that is completely obsessed with music and dance. I grew up in the historic city of Santiago de Cuba, where Cuba’s most distinctive musical exports are rooted. I strongly believe in the symbiosis of learning proper dance technique while simultaneously having a cultural experience in class, an opportunity uniquely available through the Cuban way of dancing salsa, as it represents a nation’s heritage.

In my methodology, I incorporate the skills acquired during four years at the Universidad de Ciencias Pedagógicas "Frank País" of Santiago de Cuba, where I studied to become an English teacher. My main goal is to pass onto you the rhythmic legacy I have inherited, as well as the positive cultural values associated with Afro-Latin-Caribbean culture. After more than 15 years teaching in Vancouver, I can affirm that Cuban Salsa is one of the healthiest activities you could sign up for. 


E-mail me at: info@vancuba.com to reserve your spot in the upcoming courses.