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The government of BC has decided to allow gyms, yoga and dance studios to resume activities as of May 19th. This great news is the result of our collective effort in containing the spread of the coronavirus. I’m embracing the green light given for resumption to the most joyous activity of Earth (dancing) by proposing a limited-capacity Social-Distance-Conscious Dance Workshop Series, starting on Wednesday June 3rd (the Tuesday series is SOLD OUT) at the large auditorium of the Ukrainian Hall. These are the details:


I have conceived a series of workshops that can provide meaningful learning of our favourite dances, while abiding by the safety protocols established by the health authorities of BC. Please, carefully read the details on how this will unfold, as it’s certainly going to an extremely exciting dance series, but will require adhering to a safety protocol and obviously, admission will be limited.


The dance component: the SDC Dance Workshop Series (acronym coined by Yours Truly) consists of FOUR workshops of duration 150 minutes each, in which we’ll explore Salsa Suelta (week 1), Dominican Bachata (weeks 2 and 3) and Cuban Rumba Essentials (week 4). These are very popular dance forms that can and will be learnt INDIVIDUALLY, meaning you won’t be holding hands with anyone.

Detailed Description

Salsa Suelta allows you to enjoy Salsa music dancing by yourself. Here, our footwork deviates from the restrictions of partner dancing. Suelta is a place for creativity that lays the foundation for meaningful improvisation and further enjoyment of the music. In this workshop, I’ll provide you with dance elements that you can apply anytime, including the classic Cuban “despelote”.

Dominican Bachata solo style: before dancing with a partner, you need to know how to do it by yourself. This is the path many instructors take when they lead their students in becoming great bachateros. Covid-19 didn't know that. We're winning!

Cuban Rumba Essentials: who isn't seduced by the playful interplay that's Rumba, and the confidence-exuding beauty of the movements? In this workshop, we will explore key movements that are typical of rumberos.


The social distancing component: in consideration and compliance with the protocols established by the BC health authorities:

  • The workshops will take place at the large auditorium for a maximum attendance of 20 people. This will provide enormous space for all participants.

  • There will be a sign at the venue clearly stating the safety rules.

  • The floors will be marked with tape indicating the 2-meter distancing so that you can easily stick to your own spots.

  • You will be required to bring a mask to class, and your own water.

  • You will be required to wash your hands or sanitize them upon entering the studio.

  • I will provide hand sanitizer for everyone, but washing hands is more encouraged.

  • Whoever feels unwell, or has been in proximity with someone ill, is asked not to attend the workshops.

  • I will teach 2 meters apart from you, on stage, which will also make it easier for you to learn the moves


Start date: Wednesday, June 3rd.

Location: Ukrainian Hall, 154 East 10th Ave (near the intersection of Main & Broadway)

Schedule: Wednesdays from 7:00 to 9:30 pm, with a 5-minute break at 8:15 pm.

Admission: $160 for the full series.

Prerequisite: not suitable for absolute beginners. Some Latin dance experience needed.

Registration: you MUST sign up for the entire thing. First come, first serve, but please, do not send payment until I have confirmed your spot. If you can’t pay for the full course upon joining, you can make a deferred payment, or two instalments within the course period (this deal is available only for returning students that I already know). To reserve your spot, please email me at

See you, finally, on the dance floor!

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